Psychedelic-Grandads in Amsterdam

Ricky is learning that us men on a mission find real ale-houses with twitching noses like yer mouse after the cheddar. Other stuff here makes the nose twitch even stronger, in the lift, on the stairs in the street and squares everywheres you might say is the man with the bush.
Reading Paddy Doyle is inflecting me language usage and its pissin’ down outside as we sit in a mocked up railway carriage compartment in our hotel bar. Itopens directly on the street and mercifully is no-smoking, at least for tobacco.
Met a few who got their ears bent about the upcoming opus, several faked or meant their support and give me email addresses.
For those who do not know the astounding news this here ebook to be is called:
;LSD – Blew Out Grandad’s Windows; Integrating Psychedelic Experience’
So there it is.

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