Rupert Strikes Back

Is it too fanciful to conclude elements within News Corp’s newspaper The Sunday Times have deliberately gone for Cameron as a revenge strike? He has turned his back on them, or worse.

Quite a missile they have launched, even an exocet beneath the waterline.

On top of the Millionaire’s budget comes Donor Dinners at taxpayer provided residences, using them for Party purposes. Tut tut.

OK, expected from the Guardian, but from a Tory paper, well well.

Masterclass from Jay QC

Best fun since Dacre grilling was Jay sweetly arm wrestling the two senior met coppers Hayman and Yates over sins of commission and omission. Too close to NoW and champagne snorting, no active pursuit of evidence of wrongdoing.

Two monkeys see no evil hear no evil.

Henry Porter in The Observer says:”It was a masterclass in forensic examination”.

“The process is polite but remorseless…there could not be a more civilised antidote to Murdoch’s influence”.

So James is departed, only time now before Rupert and the whole malign conspiracy is rolled up.

The reverberations in the US will be fun too “My name is Ozymandias…look on my works..nothing beside remains…”


Hayman no memory man

Funny old service the coppers, recruiting good proletarian lads years ago and some rise up the ranks, unlike all others now with grads five a penny on the dole.

Not all those plodders bulge with all the necessary kit, and lapses ensue, some even innocently. Maybe it was all the boozy dinners.

I thought I heard a plop as Yates was dropped in it, Hayman agreeing there WAS evidence for a review. Well of course there sodding was, thousands of the hacked deserving it and the Guardian and New York Times yelling .

And Yates with his finger plugging the dam saying ‘no evidence’.

LOL at the irony Jay picked up when he said there was evidence his own phone was hacked. Very elastic term to some is ‘evidence’.

Yates of the Yard-Arm

Will the long arm of the law mean Yate’s finger prints will not show on the decision not to reopen the inquiry and to leave NOW journos uninterviewed, it now seems, never mind unprosecuted?

Despite PC Plod toiling in the treacle yesterday discussing their first names being on documents confiscated from eventually convicted lawbreaker private investigator Glen Mulcaire.

Can the forensic Mr Jay QC project his long and hairy arm/intellect down the video link to feel his collar and gently hoist him up to where it seems he belongs?

Still lost

Blimey I may have the dashboard in front of me but screwed if I can point to where I want to go.
Brakes, steering, I am a bloody danger!

The sun shines
January 13, 2012
Yup, and sometimes it rains.

Eventually I shall doubtless churn out summat interesting, or maybe just allow myself a drivelling rant.

I await inspiration.

Found Dirty Dicky Desmond entertaining on Leveson yesterday, seems we have morally imbecile millionaires owning newspapers.

Now that we can call a free press! Ha. As he said himself, all points of view need to be represented.

I shall carry on laughing, wottaworld.

Plods in treacle

“Proceeding along Fleet Street in a westerly direction, noting it was 2006,”

says PC Plod under gentle interrogation

“I could not be certain the first names at the top LH corner of the seized notes of arrested investigator Glen Mulcaire referred to other journalists at the News of the World. ..I do accept sir that CG was royal reporter Mr Clive Goodman”


“It may have been coincidence that some other reporters indeed happened to have first names which matched those we observed at the LH top on the confiscated material but this is not evidential proof as a systematic and proper investigation requires.

Come on!

“Our standard procedure means we collect and then assess all the material before confronting whoever we suspect might be…”

Groan! Some of us want the narrative

“The time spent on these inquiries took me away from other urgent and life-threatening terrorist duties…, then we approached the paper and..”

On and on.

Until even calm and unruffled QC Jay lost patience and stooped apologetically into the vernacular “So you were ‘fobbed off” by the News of the World”

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