Plods in treacle

“Proceeding along Fleet Street in a westerly direction, noting it was 2006,”

says PC Plod under gentle interrogation

“I could not be certain the first names at the top LH corner of the seized notes of arrested investigator Glen Mulcaire referred to other journalists at the News of the World. ..I do accept sir that CG was royal reporter Mr Clive Goodman”


“It may have been coincidence that some other reporters indeed happened to have first names which matched those we observed at the LH top on the confiscated material but this is not evidential proof as a systematic and proper investigation requires.

Come on!

“Our standard procedure means we collect and then assess all the material before confronting whoever we suspect might be…”

Groan! Some of us want the narrative

“The time spent on these inquiries took me away from other urgent and life-threatening terrorist duties…, then we approached the paper and..”

On and on.

Until even calm and unruffled QC Jay lost patience and stooped apologetically into the vernacular “So you were ‘fobbed off” by the News of the World”

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