Psychobabble Intro

I am occasionally moved to psychological speculation, who isn’t?

As a former psychodynamic counsellor with years of training and some professional practice am I gifted with any greater insight as a result?

Maybe just a little, I know some of the concepts, Freudian and others and a bit of jargon and sometimes interpretations do seem to leap out. But it is a slippery old practice, its hard enough to even know oneself never mind others.

Wriggling policemen

So later this week with Leveson shall we learn why no proper inquiry took place after they found the cornucopia of info in Mulcaire’s premises, back in 2006?

Well if dear deputy Prime Minister Prescott is not given proper answers when they had the evidence he was hacked it was a screaming emergency stop, burning rubber and tyre tracks all down Whitehall from the Yard to Downing Street, ho!

OK London geography is not my strong point, maybe from Mornington Crescent.

The investigation seems to have halted after a meeting with Rebekah Wade at NOW and she stopped them searching Goodman’s office and safe. Extraordinary!

And so much in the email from company lawyer Tom Crone to co-conspirator Andy Coulson in September 2006. Are the cops asking Rebekah? The Red Queen!

So how will they wriggle off this hook? LOL as we must learn to say.

Murdoch on fire

Did I hear it right from top cop Sue Akers at Leveson this morning

Do they have evidence at the Yard “of an official being paid a six figure sum” over a time period from News International.

If £100,000 plus was paid surely he is caught by the tight US law on paying foreign officials?

If sothen his global business is right in the doo-doo and burning.

Looking forward to Leveson on Monday 27

Bodging a laptop together so I am not in a cold office but a warm easy chair come Monday. Need gear to be a geek it seems.

Re-watched Max Clifford the smoothie. Why do I tend to believe him?

I interrogate myself on this but find him so plausible. Main black mark on him for me is his friendship with Rebekka Wade/Brooks.

She is called ” this exceptional, potent cocktail of clear-eyed ruthlessness and dazzling charm.”  In The Grauniad no less

She is as detestable as Clifford is likeable.

Dacre teeth gnashing at Leveson

When Sherborne QC was disembowelling Dacre’s soul (in which Hugh Grant has lodged his svelte self) as best he could in a few minutes that is, and it was hard to locate, I swear that as Dacre’s fingers tangled mightily tightily together at the very suggestion of an apology for his ‘mendacious’ accusation v Grant, he did in fact GNASH his teeth.
I shall have to examine it again but I had that distinct impression, the tightness around the jaw, and tension in the cheeks made it hard to discern.
Not often a sight one often sees, even rare, I am rather new to it, but …there you go…

Laughing with Leveson

Usually do, except when I cannot get it live, its troublesome.

Jay is my fave unemotional ultradry uncross cross-examiner, sticks to his task and sticks it to Dacre et al.

Never much bothered about H Mills but her vile treatment, and of her charity, was worth some dry-eyed sympathy, glad I am not a celeb, sleb, or whatever.

But best laugh was the controlled aggression of Levy’s “I am deeply unhappy” about Paul Dacre and his published “mendacious smear” accusation of Hugh Grant in Daily Mail.

“He will return for further questioning THIS WEEK”, said in oh so quiet tones. Ha.

Maligning MY witnesses eh?!

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