Psychobabble Intro

I am occasionally moved to psychological speculation, who isn’t?

As a former psychodynamic counsellor with years of training and some professional practice am I gifted with any greater insight as a result?

Maybe just a little, I know some of the concepts, Freudian and others and a bit of jargon and sometimes interpretations do seem to leap out. But it is a slippery old practice, its hard enough to even know oneself never mind others.

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  1. You should get paid for this stuff? I hope you do, as i have just the program for you.. Rog i think this is just old news revapt, beef it up with something new and of the wall. Or do you have a theem you want to write about? eg how many dolfins are left in the world or how many insects die each day by the bloody traffic.
    I1ll keep om reading and see where you go.

    Regards Nick.

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