Wriggling policemen

So later this week with Leveson shall we learn why no proper inquiry took place after they found the cornucopia of info in Mulcaire’s premises, back in 2006?

Well if dear deputy Prime Minister Prescott is not given proper answers when they had the evidence he was hacked it was a screaming emergency stop, burning rubber and tyre tracks all down Whitehall from the Yard to Downing Street, ho!

OK London geography is not my strong point, maybe from Mornington Crescent.

The investigation seems to have halted after a meeting with Rebekah Wade at NOW and she stopped them searching Goodman’s office and safe. Extraordinary!

And so much in the email from company lawyer Tom Crone to co-conspirator Andy Coulson in September 2006. Are the cops asking Rebekah? The Red Queen!

So how will they wriggle off this hook? LOL as we must learn to say.

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