Ugliness multiplied

Ugliness unbelievable

How long do we have to put up with this farce? Now Trump blames mainstream media for inciting division and violence, is there no limit to his capacity for reversing things? When will his lies and distortions catch up with him?

What must it feel like to be a decent American with him representing your country?

Have I nothing better to do than be angered and sympathetic and ask rhetorical questions?

I feel the dam has to break.

The Awful Truth

The Awful Truth

The heart of the American system is voting, democracy is dependent on it. Now there are restrictions, impediments, intimidation, threats and all manner of despicable shenanigans going on, it is widespread wherever the polls are close. More so it happens where black people might outvote white people, or even where democrats might outvote republicans.

It is inexcusable, often undertaken by state authorities by more or less subtle stratagems. One is simply restricting the number of polling booths in black neighbourhoods causing enormous waiting times, huge queues. Then there are requirements imposed on proving your identity, residence qualifications etc and right to vote. In Georgia, S Dakota, Pennsylvania and all over this is ongoing right now.


Murder most foul

Who will rid me…?

This ploy is playable though unbelievable, first employed by our king hundreds of years ago, I crib from the internet:

The Death of Thomas Becket in Canterbury Cathedral – Historic UK

“Henry became incensed when he heard of this outburst and is said to have uttered the fateful words “Will no one rid me of this turbulent priest!” Four of Henry’s knights, probably not the brightest of men, took this as a summons to action, and left for Canterbury immediately.”

Well the line should have a question mark at the end. It is not a direct order to murder, but that is what happened, vile stabbing assassination in the centre of the church.

Henry II failed to arrest the knights, advising them to flee to Scotland. It is likely special adviser for POTUS in the middle east, son in law Jared Kushner is right now promoting this as a solution to weasel the crown prince out of this jam.

Sexism & Racism

Sexism & Racism Proliferating Around Trump.

The context here is the approaching end of the white majority in the US, if we have not done so already, the backlash heats up, particularly after black president Obama.

The Kavanaugh nomination battle may be over, though mutterings about his impeachment persist, the resulting ‘wash’ has not receded but is spreading.

Fingers are now pointed at Chief of Staff John Kelly who grew up like Trump in a racist sexist environment and is now revealed in emails as persisting in such ingrained attitudes with a tin ear for how to talk about assertive women. Namely he slagged off possible 2020 presidential candidate Senator Elizabeth Warren. Polling figures indicate large swings to the democrats among women in particular, which will play heavily in the mid-term elections.

So the brave Dr Christine Ford assault allegations and the nomination battle was not in vain.

Too depressing,the fix is in

The Fix is in indeed.

How depressing it is, a whitewash non-investigation, circumscribed by the WH, and Kavanaugh is in. The FBI, unbelievably, did not even interview Dr Ford his primary accuser of attempted rape. But stuff snakes around and bites back.

Life-long republican Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens, now retired and 98 years old, has publicly switched from supporting the nominee to regarding him as damaging to the Court. Such disapproval from such an eminent source is unprecedented; will any republican senators truly listen, and act?

On one of the other fronts it is a pleasure to see the NY Times on the attack with well researched details of past duplicitous dealing, tax frauds, Donald’s inheritance lies,(He got $430 million, not 1 million) and his complicit sister in the doo doo too.


No smoke without fire?

Oh this old cliché, one of many I grew up hearing and had impressed upon me as proverbial wisdom. It seems appropriate if authorities are insisting on “What smoke? We see/smell no smoke, we interview no smoke,” and thus do not dig for proper evidence of fire.

The third woman accuser of Trump who both the judiciary committee and FBI are attempting to brush aside is blowing smoke like a fiery volcano. See for yourself at

What she says happened is so terrible it amounts to hellfire.

There are lies, untruths, economy with the actualite, misstatements, inconsistencies, and faulty memories. Expect all these nuances in abundance in coming days because if Kavanaugh LIED in his nomination proceedings his goose is cooked.

Credibility is where we are going. Essential for the Supreme Court itself and all its members. Pants on fire?



Sit back as the world laughs at you, Trump has fallen in love with the North Korean despot and a man who loses his temper in a serious job interview has improved his SCOTUS prospects according to Fox news.

This man became a doppelganger for Trump and his beliefs the longer and crosser he became, and disrespectful to his interrogators. Some attitude, some interviewee, some suitability for a most serious long-lasting judicial position. Among some judicial opinions he has delivered is one in 2016 stating use of The Polygraph (lie detector to us Brits) “is an appropriate tool in background investigations”. As he also said what goes around comes around, he claims to be cooperating. Strap his arm to a polygraph.

Of course we have our own slow burning farce this side of the pond in trying to take our egg out of the omelette of the EU. This is just as comical and as serious in its capacity for altering our future for decades to come. The Chequers proposals can never get through the House of Commons, and are already rejected by Barnier and the EU side. What a risible scenario! Cavorting clowns of our own in Union Jack finery.

How much is due to Russian interference? Was there enough to tip the narrow voting figures? Why has this chaos arisen? How conspiratorial am I becoming? It is indeed enough to make you question your mental health.

The man for me is still Michael Avenatti, lawyer for Stormy Daniels, and now other accusers, a dedicated opponent of The Donald.


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