Too depressing,the fix is in

The Fix is in indeed.

How depressing it is, a whitewash non-investigation, circumscribed by the WH, and Kavanaugh is in. The FBI, unbelievably, did not even interview Dr Ford his primary accuser of attempted rape. But stuff snakes around and bites back.

Life-long republican Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens, now retired and 98 years old, has publicly switched from supporting the nominee to regarding him as damaging to the Court. Such disapproval from such an eminent source is unprecedented; will any republican senators truly listen, and act?

On one of the other fronts it is a pleasure to see the NY Times on the attack with well researched details of past duplicitous dealing, tax frauds, Donald’s inheritance lies,(He got $430 million, not 1 million) and his complicit sister in the doo doo too.

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