Sexism & Racism

Sexism & Racism Proliferating Around Trump.

The context here is the approaching end of the white majority in the US, if we have not done so already, the backlash heats up, particularly after black president Obama.

The Kavanaugh nomination battle may be over, though mutterings about his impeachment persist, the resulting ‘wash’ has not receded but is spreading.

Fingers are now pointed at Chief of Staff John Kelly who grew up like Trump in a racist sexist environment and is now revealed in emails as persisting in such ingrained attitudes with a tin ear for how to talk about assertive women. Namely he slagged off possible 2020 presidential candidate Senator Elizabeth Warren. Polling figures indicate large swings to the democrats among women in particular, which will play heavily in the mid-term elections.

So the brave Dr Christine Ford assault allegations and the nomination battle was not in vain.

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