Sit back as the world laughs at you, Trump has fallen in love with the North Korean despot and a man who loses his temper in a serious job interview has improved his SCOTUS prospects according to Fox news.

This man became a doppelganger for Trump and his beliefs the longer and crosser he became, and disrespectful to his interrogators. Some attitude, some interviewee, some suitability for a most serious long-lasting judicial position. Among some judicial opinions he has delivered is one in 2016 stating use of The Polygraph (lie detector to us Brits) “is an appropriate tool in background investigations”. As he also said what goes around comes around, he claims to be cooperating. Strap his arm to a polygraph.

Of course we have our own slow burning farce this side of the pond in trying to take our egg out of the omelette of the EU. This is just as comical and as serious in its capacity for altering our future for decades to come. The Chequers proposals can never get through the House of Commons, and are already rejected by Barnier and the EU side. What a risible scenario! Cavorting clowns of our own in Union Jack finery.

How much is due to Russian interference? Was there enough to tip the narrow voting figures? Why has this chaos arisen? How conspiratorial am I becoming? It is indeed enough to make you question your mental health.

The man for me is still Michael Avenatti, lawyer for Stormy Daniels, and now other accusers, a dedicated opponent of The Donald.



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