No smoke without fire?

Oh this old cliché, one of many I grew up hearing and had impressed upon me as proverbial wisdom. It seems appropriate if authorities are insisting on “What smoke? We see/smell no smoke, we interview no smoke,” and thus do not dig for proper evidence of fire.

The third woman accuser of Trump who both the judiciary committee and FBI are attempting to brush aside is blowing smoke like a fiery volcano. See for yourself at

What she says happened is so terrible it amounts to hellfire.

There are lies, untruths, economy with the actualite, misstatements, inconsistencies, and faulty memories. Expect all these nuances in abundance in coming days because if Kavanaugh LIED in his nomination proceedings his goose is cooked.

Credibility is where we are going. Essential for the Supreme Court itself and all its members. Pants on fire?

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