Music is on my mind and in my ears, loud, pulsing bass turned up and all delightfully amplified through my new birthday laptop speakers. Yes, I gratefully regret my lack of developing any proficiency with an instrument, though my vocal volume and guitar strumming has been a locus of much inebriated fun in the past. But what has improved is my enjoyment and appreciation of other’s abilities, even performances.

I am slowly becoming a proper Deadhead able to discriminate and even recognise a few parameters shaping why certain concerts caught fire and brought it down from heavenly spheres via Jerry especially but also Phil on bass for me.

So, being also blessed with enjoyment of others through reading, I have started “Searching for the Sound, My Life with the Grateful Dead” by the originally more classical musician become bass player Phil Lesh. I can do no better here than employ his quotation from Henry Miller:

“I was permitted to hear an incredible music…I heard the gestation of the new world…the sounds of stars grinding and chafing, of fountains clotted with blazing gems…Music is planetary fire, an irreducible which is all sufficient; it is the slate-writing of the gods”

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