‘Rabbie’ Burns and ‘Wolfman’ Wallis

Burns the poet coined the unforgettable line

“Would some pow’r the giftie gie us to see oursel’s as others see us”

as I remember it.

Cross examiner Jay found it hard going to penetrate the smart and unshakeably thick skinned carapace of Neil Wallis and his illusion of perfectly honourable behaviour with now ex-senior officers of the Yard.

But Leveson deftly defenestrated him with an almost aside remark before breaking off, but actually surely calculated, to do with lack of transparency in those relations:

“We know now there was more than was revealed in the police hospitality records”

Wallis hesitates, sticks with faux-innocence and oblivious to effect it seems,

“Do we?”

From a man under arrest!  Surely due for ‘time’ to reconsider his perspective.

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