Rich Prospects

So rollalonga Leveson, next week looks fun.

Some big names, and always good to see the griller grilled a la Paxo, or the weasel’s weasel a la Mandy lobbing light grenades.

And small fry, but important right now are Smith and Michel due later.

The resignation of Adam Smith,  special adviser to embattled culture secretary Jeremy Hunt, has triggered sharp intakes of breath among public affairs directors, the in-house lobbyists of corporate Britain. Emails written by News Corp’s own public affairs director, Frédéric Michel, suggest Mr Hunt got too close to the company as he deliberated whether to wave through its £8.3bn bid to buy the rest of BSkyB.

By making Mr Smith’s hand in its own lobbying all too visible – he figured as a conduit between Mr Hunt and James Murdoch – News Corp has ensured that other companies will find it harder to talk privately to ministers.

So says a big city fat cat firm. So good says I.

Maybe bye bye Hunt, and move the curse of Murdoch closer to Cameron.

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