More coils

Coils around the Inaugration.

A new co-operating witness has been teased out of the woodwork and yesterday pleaded guilty to various charges and the evidence shown in court from Mueller’s investigation lawyers included laundering a $50,000 dollar illegal foreign donation for the inauguration of POTUS.

Sam Patten , who is now a co-operating witness and declared so in the Washington court – before the same lady judge trying former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort in a fortnight –  worked with him lobbying for the Russians in the Ukraine, (payment $42 million). That is where the money was funnelled from and passed through a ‘straw man’ an unnamed American to disguise its origins.

Patten pleaded guilty to operating as an agent for foreign principals without registering as a lobbyist with the US attorney general.

If he cooperates productively and truthfully to the Mueller investigation team’s satisfaction they will so advise the judge who may then reduce his sentence in a few month’s time, he is liable for up to five years.

Another unrelated tentacle unfurled today has a British connection via former MI6 agent Christopher Steele’s dossier. He furnished information to a Department of Justice official (Bruce Orr I believe) showing the Russian Government had Trump “over a barrel” with apparently compromising information which sounds like a successful ‘sting’ perpetrated some time ago in a Moscow hotel involving prostitutes.

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