Manafort Coils

Slinging out strings of lies risks them tangling around your own neck or feet and hanging you… eventually.

By lying to the Mueller Investigation, after a plea deal to co-operate, Paul Manafort has committed a Federal crime. Prosecutors like to ask questions they already know the answers to. This is probably how they know Manafort has been lying. He may well be hoping still for a presidential pardon, otherwise it looks quite likely he is staring at the rest of his 69 year old life in jail.

There is a great deal of expectation Mueller is preparing some big reveal and one of the most senior academic lawyers in the USA says the result will be “devastating” for Trump and also his family. Alan Dershowitz is now a professor at Harvard and has been a former major Trump defender.

He bases this prediction partly on the current fulminating by Trump on twitter against the “witch hunt” of a one sided investigation and how the judiciary are biased.  So the “victim” is getting his retaliation in first to soften up the public view or at least his base support.

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