Snakes Uncoiling

Michael Cohen is attempting to straighten out!

For a wily writhing twisting personal fixer and lawyer to Trump, for over ten years, this is a noteworthy effort and fine entertainment. Of course he is trying to save his arse from some jail time, despite pleading guilty, but turning away from the skills and posture developed over a lifetime shows he knows he has reached the end of the road.

The new revelations this last week (more from Corsi, Stone, Manafort too) show the Russians had ‘kompromat’, compromising material that gave leverage over POTUS, quite astonishing. They knew many times when Trump was lying because they already had knowledge of the truth.

 As it spills out this week it is astonishing, in our time a western democratic leader of the first rank is acting as an agent of an adversarial power. Trying to lift sanctions in their interests is just part of it. Pulling on these strings as Mueller intends to continue doing will doubtless extract further shocking revelations.

 More schadenfreude please.

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