Naming coils, like the seven deadly sins

Naming coils, like the seven deadly sins.

My other main preoccupation in which I am making my modest contribution to the general good of ‘saving the world’ is the importance of psychedelic mind-changing. Now the two threads come together because researchers in the present psychedelic renaissance find evidence, as well as intuit, that reported major peak mystical/visionary experiences – however caused – possibly religious epiphanies consequent to fervent prayer, result in behaviour changes. What changes?

Bear with me because here we hark back to antiquity and the earliest thinkers and philosophers (Well those of whom we have records) who debated the seven deadly sins. They are still with us, nomenclature may change but at root the bastards are still easily recognisable as pretty unchanged. Actually NOT pretty, rather ugly, let us have them in fair view as they have been for those who consider these matters for a few thousand years. Mankind is the same now as it was then, but watch out! These guys are always more visible to us in others than they are in ourselves.

The leader of the pack is PRIDE. In this context it means excessive self-absorption, egocentrism and what’s in it for me? It could have been designed for Trump, especially now he is also POTUS. When it behaves then a realistic and efficient ego is a helpful servant, and indispensable in daily life, but if it becomes dominating and gathers its henchmen around itself then at the core of our being we have a destructive and addiction-generating boss.

The henchmen trying to satisfy Pride’s self-centred focus are Envy, Anger, Laziness, Greed, Lust and Gluttony. The last includes drunkenness. Imagining these as if they are portraits or separate characters allows us to examine them as if they were objectively outside us, but actually they are our own inner traits. More easily detectable by the psychedelicised mind the work of integrating psychedelic experience means to rid ourselves of these self-centred demons, utilise access through the doors of perception and find our deeper transpersonal motivations superseding such selfishness. But Trump?

Sometimes he seems sent to us as an awful lesson, this is what becomes of us if we give way to focusing on money, power and prestige, UGH!

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