Treason or Sanity?

Coils around his own neck

It had to happen that one of the flailing coils, tentacles if you like, has wrapped itself around the neck of POTUS. Choking himself he proclaims insistently I AM THE VICTIM, he is indeed, the victim of his own lies and lashings out.

He is the victim of his own appointees; as he sees it they are out to get him, Jeff Sessions his Attorney General, his personal lawyer Michael Cohen, Attorney McGahn et al.

Now the extraordinary revelations in the NYT today detail from a source within the WH that there are those around him plotting resistance to his wilder thrashings around and his basic amorality.

Can the man stay sane? Is he? Now he is ‘VOLCANIC’. How do you define unbalanced or demented? Who can diagnose with credibility? What next? How many more stupidly rhetorical questions am I going to think up?

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