Kavanagh Koil

Kavanagh Koil

It is very worrying that POTUS has found a backstop route to breaking free (the old Monopoly game ploy of a ‘Get-out-of-Jail-Free-Card) by legally rigging the supreme court with the Judge Kavanagh nomination – and rushing to getting him congressional/senate approval to be on that bench before the mid-term elections this autumn.

This young right wing ill-qualified candidate does not stand out from thousands of other lawyers but has one giant appeal for Trump. He wrote an opinion years ago that sitting presidents cannot be indicted for criminal behaviour while in office and are empowered to pardon themselves. Ace up the sleeve stuff as any prosecutions are likely, almost certain, to find their way eventually up the chain to the supreme court.

Kavanagh would tilt the balance of the court to the right, thus hostile to many liberal causes such as abortion, and doubtless in Trump’s favour when such issues arrive.


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