TFA coils

Coils of TFA

My favourite most sensible lady in this entire saga is Omarosa, easy on the eye with her gracious style too. She was pushed out of the White House team, which is to her credit. Interviewed by MSNBC she naturally references her account in her book “Unhinged”. In it she tells us she covers much of the same ground  over “Crazytown” in the WH now breaking news in the NYT with its anonymous op-ed from a senior advisor to POTUS. And in Bob Woodhouse’s revelatory new book due out this week. “Fear”

To top it off she has documentary evidence, over a hundred communications, hashtagged with ‘TFA’ this is an acronym for “Twenty Fifth Amendment” and labels items from Trump which so astound WH workers they attach it to the discussion to say this is yet another example of a man so unhinged he should be removed from office. Unfortunately that constitutional backstop means he would be replaced by the VP Mike Pence who is also a bad egg, but sane. It is his office she points to for the identity of this illicit NYT source.

It seems like it is everybody covering their own backs in the WH as the shit hits the fan increasingly.

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