SDNY coils

Coils in the Big Apple

Despite his noisy complaints about the Mueller Russia collusion investigation, Trump should really be fearing the Southern District of New York, SDNY. It seems Mueller is sub-contracting some of his prosecution effort. To other experts in jurisdictions beyond any grip of POTUS.

Trump has constitutional defences against the Federal Mueller investigations, like firing him, but has no ability to prevent SDNY from probing into his business history and the Trump Foundation/Corporation and charity. And this is by law enforcers who have form at bringing down mafia gang bosses and major corporations for illegality. Sometimes their acronym is referred to as the SOVEREIGN District of New York because of the independence of their activities.

With co-operation agreements with executives and chief financial officers who knows how many buried bodies will be disinterred?

There will be tax liability scrutiny too. And examination of family members.

We can expect disturbed sleep in the WH and angry early morning tweets.

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