Coiling around

Coiling Inside and Uncoiling Outside

Locally, here in the old fenland you occasionally bump into folks that others describe as cracked, sometimes as crackpots. It may not be a refined term from psychological theory but its essential descriptive metaphor is of a useful piece of crockery, a cookpot or storage vessel, becoming totally useless because of a nearly invisible flaw.

Trump the person, shows all the traditional signs of being cracked, flawed and no longer whole or able to function purposefully, especially when heat is applied. That heat is now multiplied exponentially as his legal hazards build with disloyalty from his former lieutenants, such as his former campaign manager Paul Manafort, now a co-operating witness working for the government under Mueller. He will be spilling the beans on the Russia interference during the election, and much more. He is uncoiling around POTUS as we watch, straightening and revealing, recoiling we might say.

For me a most telling piece of video is POTUS in stubborn sulky baby mode sitting square on a couch refusing questions from a gaggle of WH journos asking him to comment on the demise of the highly honoured and honourable Senator John McCain. Tight-lipped, grim visage, seething at the effrontery as he sees it and adamantly negating McCain’s importance and value to America by folding his arms while ostentatiously dumb.

A delightful Americanism popped up in a lawyers comment on team Trump wrongly claiming Manafort’s criminal conduct was years ago and irrelevant.

“That dog won’t hunt”.

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