Snitch Uncoils

The Uncoiling of Manafort

This reptile is so much of a snake in the grass his ‘flip’ from defending POTUS in anticipation of an eventual presidential pardon to becoming a co-perating FBI informant is explosive and astounding, though not unexpected. At 69 and presently in jail he is desperate about not spending the rest of his – formerly luxurious – life in the same Spartan way. It is clear he no longer trusts Trump.

On Friday morning, this former Trump campaign chairman agreed to cooperate with special counsel Robert Mueller’s probe into Russian influence and interference by the Russian government in the 2016 presidential election. He is Mr Russia- the linkman.

So boom goes the dynamite.

This plea deal, which comes on the heels of Manafort’s conviction on eight felony counts of financial wrongdoing during a Virginia trial and on the verge of a second trial in Washington on similar charges, is a massive development that brings Mueller ever closer to President Donald Trump and his innermost circle. Especially Donald Trump Jr., and son in law Jared Kushner who attended the crucial Russia meeting in Trump Tower

Despite Trump’s repeated assertions that Manafort was with his campaign for a very short time, the facts are these: Manafort ran the Trump campaign for an extremely critical period of time — from April 2016, when he was brought in to fend off a possible delegate fight until after the party’s national convention in which Trump was formally nominated as the Republican presidential nominee.

During that period, Manafort was one of three senior Trump officials to participate in a June 2016 meeting with a handful of Russian officials — a meeting that was premised on the promise of dirt (hacked e-mails) on Hillary Clinton being provided by the Russians to the Trump campaign. According to Donald Trump Jr., the President’s eldest son who helped organize the meeting and who was in attendance, there was no actual information on Clinton provided to them. It was merely a cover to get the Trump campaign brass in a room and lobby them about the Magnitsky Act.

The latter being the sanctions on Putin’s close oligarch associates which really hurt and the end of them may well be what he really wants from Trump.

The most worried man should be Donald Trump Jr. BA-BOOM!

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