Walls and Coils

The walls are closing in.

Oh can we believe, oh lordy is finally Trump (and his past) coiling around and catching up with himself? Reports are of crisis, and events coming to a head.

The evidence is mostly one of tone rather than new facts, but the desperate escalated repetitive and unhinged tone of Trump himself is a major revelatory factor. It is assumed his new acting attorney general is providing him with a back channel from inside the Dept of Justice and carrying him back information on the Mueller inquiry investigations, plural. That is the big picture of them, their scope and extent, which is enough to rattle POTUS into hysteria this post-election week according to some.

The pursuit of a corrupt president is now being seen as working through the indictment and convictions of others. Julian Assange is now under indictment, and more senior administration officials fear indictment (being charged with offences in our Brit legalese) and are panicking. Trump’s own family are in the firing line, which he cares about.

POTUS and his personal legal team seem unable to respond to questions submitted by Mueller put forward as a substitute for personal interview.

And look out for the extremely dodgy Roger Stone to get his collar felt.

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