Brexit ho ho

Our MP will take the egg from the omelette?

Now our NE Cambs MP Stephen Barclay is charged with the ridiculous task of removing the egg of Britain from the omelette that is Europe. This is my favourite metaphor, and an apt one, as our destinies are inextricably bound together; geographically, historically, culturally and economically swirled into combination as we move from the last war-torn nationalistic century into our interconnected globalised modern times.

This reality is now evident to all. We all also know how we have to reach accommodations and arrangements with our neighbours, always, even if we fall out they are still next door. If we trade together and share enterprises like climate agreements and car industries and want to keep our jobs and living standards then compromises are inevitable and vital.

‘Leave’ leaders sold us a false and over simple prospectus. Too many of us bought into a romantic dream of sovereignty trailing clouds of past imperial glory.

Mr Barclay, now newly installed in his office must negotiate, not dictate; and no ‘deal’ is agreeable to the other 27 that is better than the ‘deal’ we already have. The task of converting a dream into a reality is as impossible for him as his predecessors, so let us constituents wish him good luck with magical thinking.

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