Score Draw in SCOTUS Hearings

Score draw.  Kavanaugh V Ford. Even men V women.

If you did not watch the live BBC Senate Judiciary Committee hearing into the SCOTUS nomination of Brett Kavanaugh and the rape attempt evidence from Christine Blasey Ford, or some of it anyway it did go on, you missed one of the political events of this decade. Its probably on catch up.

It gripped the American public and we are told they are more split than ever. I felt split myself and reduced to examining motives qui bono? Ford had nothing to gain and much she has already lost whereas Kavanaugh has a huge amount to gain and now to his evident shock – everything to lose.

With my internal dialogue revolving around my own prejudices, which favoured Ford, I settled on the above reason for continuing to accept her veracity. The democrats neither initiated, paid for or planned this it seems to me, despite the howls of outrage from the usual suspects especially Kavanaugh himself and Trump – of course – that hare does not run. But it will among the republican base, at this stage with the mid-terms coming up they will be happy enough with that. However their standing especially among women is damaged, they may well suffer as a consequence, and we are yet to have the full senate vote. I anticipate the committee vote will go soon as Chairman Chuck Grassley always planned.

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